I have paired this amp with a Sony turntable and ns 1000 m speakers it sounds great and has plenty of power to drive these speakers . A lower impedance essentially means the speaker is a bit harder to drive, but like most (if not all) good amps the A-S201 can happily drive a 4 ohm load, so a 6 ohm load will be fine. Just read Yamaha manual and it states 10% THD @ 100w into 8ohms. Thanks! The usual tap test on the top panel results in a metallic thump – hardly surprising, as the top casing is fairly thin. El amplificador tiene para mi gusto un gran sonido y calidad pero esto lo podeis ver en cualquier review para mas información. Yamaha’s own CD-N301 would probably be a better match, but the Onkyo should work just fine. I believe the volume scale of the A-S201 is measured in decibels, so it is likely that you will see a higher number on the display before reasonable levels are reached. Im looking to purchase this amp soon and use it with my SONY PSLX300 turntable. What is the music source, which input is it connected to and have you double-checked your speaker connections? You are right Yamaha was too weak i sold it and pair Tannoy’s with Cambridge Audio Azur 840A. I want to set up with Dali Zensor 3 speakers which are rated for 25W – 125W with 6ohm impedence (sensitivity of 88dB)….hooked up to an audio technica LP1240 turntable. Pure direct bypasses the tone and balance controls as well as the back buffer amp, shortening signal paths and offering better sound quality. It has been a major player since the early sixties, and has always invested heavily in new technology to give its products the edge. Play Lorde’s ‘Royals’, a current favorite amongst reviewers, and allow those bass drum hits to slam, 1 by 1, into your chest – each one hitting with bruit force and precision. The ends of the terminals are plugged with small plastic caps – these are extremely annoying for those of us who wish to use Banana plugs. Hi. Reason that im asking this is that even with cambridge amp im still raising volume to over 90% on Mercurys. Im thinking on buying the Yamaha A-S201 to connect with my Monitor Audio Bronze speakers and with my Audio Tecnica turntable.. The Cambridge speakers are slightly easier to drive than the wharfedales, so they’d probably be my choice with the A-S201. It has been a major player since the early sixties, and has always invested heavily in new technology to give its products the edge. Thanks, I will look forward to that review, The review is now published, you can find it Here. I am looking to purchase this amplifier along with a pair of yamaha nsf51 floor standing speakers. All controls, from power to volume and tone, are fully digital, meaning they can be controlled either using the front panel controls or the remote. The sound stage is wide, with decent separation between the instruments. Thank you. Computer World just breezes along, the amp throwing out a good deal of detail into a narrower soundstage than some here, but it is better delineated and images are located more securely. usually you would pair the Mercurys with something like the Yamaha A-S501 or the Marantz PM-6005, but the 840A is certainly compatible and will run them to their full potential with room for future upgrades if desired. Yamaha A-S501. I’m thing of pairing my A-S201 with Yamaha NS-F51 speakers, but I’m only worried about the fact that the A-S201 has impedance 8 and the speakers have 6. I would consider mounting a new cartridge such as the Audio-Technica AT-311EP and enjoy. I will try to tune it a bit, lets see if it works. Yamaha claim the A-S201 can output 100W per channel – and they certainly weren’t exaggerating. Hello Ashley, Anyway, i enjoy the site Ashley. You’re right of course. A huge A+ on the packaging – I wish more brands packaged their products this way. But I’m not sure if it will make a big difference from my actual setup. That is a very poor figure. Thanks for the information! Both speakers would offer good sound quality. You can add fantastic sound, and an excellent built-in phono stage too. Thanks ! Do you think a Audio-Technica AT-LP60 would improve my audio experience? That said if your’e happy with the sound, you have the right system for you and that’s all that matters. Very nice review. The Zensors are a hi-fi speaker (albeit a budget one) and bass lovers do have a tendency to find products with hi-fi virtues lacking. Anyone who cares can read the manual as you’ve done for the true specification. Will it be a problem? Only a few things let the A-S201 down – the lack of a front panel balance control means that, if you’ve lost the remote, you could be left with unbalanced sound. The powerful Kraftwerk bass transients don't upset it one jot, and it holds everything together better despite throwing out less prodigious bass levels. That said look for a sub with speaker level inputs and you will have no problems using it with the B outputs on the amp. The A-S201 sits at the bottom of their amplifier range – but it’s packed with advanced technologies found only in Yamaha products. The first thing I noticed when powering up the A-S201 was the noise floor – it’s somewhat higher than many other budget amps I’ve tested, such as the NAD D3020. Vea reseñas y calificaciones de reseñas que otros clientes han escrito de Yamaha A-S201 - Amplificador Hi-Fi estéreo black en Amazon.com. How do you think this compares to the Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 Receiver? Very dishonest from Yamaha. A pair of Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers, or a pair of Cambridge Audio SX-50 Bookshelf Speakers. With a claimed 100W per channel, the A-S201 packs enough power to drive even the most inefficient loudspeakers to uncomfortable levels. What do you think and you suggestion. On first appearance, the GBP560 Yamaha A-S701 amplifier featured here could easily have been mistaken for a product of that age; our review sample's aluminium frontage has even been finished in the then-trendy black (silver can be found as an alternative).

yamaha a s201 review

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