The LG Nano 90 Series went up for sale in mid-2020 and comes in four sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 86 inches. It has a 120Hz refresh rate and variable refresh rate support to reduce screen tearing while gaming. The LG C9 at 55" can be picked up currently for less, and is really just as good as the new models. It's a well-rounded TV that has nice features and like most of their LEDs, it comes with an IPS panel. LG 55NANO86 (4K, 55 Zoll, HDMI 2.1) für 679€ bei OTTO; LG 65NANO86 (4K, 65 Zoll, HDMI 2.1) für 999€ bei OTTO; Otto macht derzeit keine Angaben dazu, wie lange die Angebote gelten. Der neueste Test erschien am 07.07.2020. Both bigger and cheaper. Whater review comes out for the LG from Rtings, it wont be representative of an 86" variant of it (in particular) when it comes to uniformity. We will give 5/5 points for the LG 65NANO866NA review part of the price. LG 55NANO867NA LG 75NANO906NA.AEU LG 86NANO906NA Philips 43PUS7383 Samsung 40HE590 Medion Life E13236 (MD31460) Samsung GQ65LS03T Samsung GQ43LS03T Samsung GQ50LS03T Samsung GQ55LS03T. The LG 65NANO866NA price was £899 as of November 2020 which is a very good price for a 4K TV. Input lag is low, it has a quick response time, and there's a Black Frame Insertion feature to clear up motion blur. LG 65NANO866NA Review Conclusions. Even if you see it in store, you’ve still got to try and imagine it in your living room — we reckon you need to … Both bigger and cheaper. read our LG 65NANO906NA review; LG NANO 86. Given sub 55" isn't a very popular choice like it used to be there's very little in the way of competition from other manufacturers so prices on 50" models are never going to be as great as 55" and over, but 1400 is very steep for a 48" TV. 65NANO866NA – £849; 55NANO866NA – £679; 49NANO866NA – £579; The Nano86 series leaves the a smaller 49 … The LG NANO90 is the best LG TV with a 4k LED panel that we've tested. LG 65NANO866NA is a very good TV in general. Product Review: It’s hard to appreciate the size of an 86-inch TV. This 75" is probably the biggest they've done and should be a closer match LG SM9970 8k Review (75SM9970PUA) but the Nano90 will probably have less zones and perform a bit worse when it comes to black uniformity as well.

lg nano 86 review

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