[4] Even in death, when Utz-colel wanted to experience life again, she was unable to overcome her envy and loveless heart. [12] Les Baxter's album Voice of the Xtabay by Peruvian soprano Yma Sumac depicts the lure of the xtabay in her music. Yucatán Today is the only magazine and website which takes you by the hand to experience the essence of Yucatán. [7] The homeless and poor who Xkeban helped during her life held a funeral for her and a mysterious, sweet-fragranced flower grew around her grave. In contrast to Xkeban, Utz-colel was cold-hearted and believed she was superior to those around her, especially those socially below her. [4] The townspeople adored Utz-colel because of her celibacy and overlooked her cruelty. [4] Xtabay's hair contrasts the typical hairstyle of Mayan women but represents the culture's ideal of beauty. It has a sweet fragrance and found in hedges, and it was said that flower seeks shelter in the hedges because it is defenseless just as Xkeban felt defenseless when she was a human. [7] The entire pueblo gathered for her funeral, and they put flowers around her grave that disappeared the next day. This gave origin to the legend of Xtabay, “ix” meaning “woman” and “tabay” meaning “spirit”. ES, Your email address will not be published. When Xtabay died, her tomb was surrounded by fragrant scents and flowers, one of which stood out the most: the Xtabentún flower that gave off a sweet smell, as sweet as this woman was in life. [4] Xtabay subverts the traditional meaning of the ceiba tree since she hides behind it to lure victims away. The moral of the legend is that virtue is within the heart and treatment of those less fortunate, not only in celibacy and actions. [4] Xkeban had a warm heart whereas Utz-colel had a cold heart. [8], The Xtabay is known for her long black hair falling past her shoulders that she combs with the spines of the tzacam cactus. You can also put it into your coffee. [7], The theme of death is continuous with all of the different versions of the myth of the Xtabay. [4] The myth is used by parents and grandparents to mold their children into never going out into night to drink or cheat on their wives. She waited for them, entwining her long black hair with a piece of Tzacam, seated at the foot of a ceiba tree, sacred to the Maya; attracting those who crossed her path with sweet songs and phrases, only to later finish them off. When you take a sip of this drink, the intoxicating feeling it provokes is similar to what was felt by those who fell in love with the charismatic Xtabay. [12], There are many similarities to the legend of La Llorona, a ghost who is said to wander Mexico searching for her children and luring away any living children she comes across. Xtabay o Xkeben era bondadosa y socorría a los más necesitados. [4], The legend of Xtabay is part of contemporary Maya culture, as myths influence current beliefs. Izamal is an important religious tourism destinati, Our editor shares her beautiful letter with reflec, A Glimpse Into Maya World View: Turtles and Corn, Come con Soltura o Bajo Presupuesto en Mérida, Sincretismo en la Región Puuc: De Iglesias y Estelas, Yucatán, Mi Inspiración: Paloma van den Akker, Viajes Para Acampar en Familia en Yucatán. [4], The term "Xtab" was used to refer to an ancient Mayan goddess Ixtab, the goddess of suicide by hanging or the gallows. La Leyenda de la Xtabay. [5] According to Perez' Lexicon of the Mayan Language, the feminine prefix "tab", "taab", and "tabil" translate to "rope intended for some exclusive use. These Melipona bees are hard at work to sweeten yo, An aerial view of the ballgame in Ciudad Caucel, o, Izamal is like being on a movie set.

leyenda de la xtabay

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