While being disliked by most adults, Bart is rather popular with other kids and has very many friends at his school. Datos según el episodio ", 2010 (quince años hacia el "futuro"): Es un contratista demoledor. Datos según el episodio ", 2030 (treinta años hacia el "futuro"): Bart vive con. Later, during "Homer vs. Patty and Selma", he showed considerable talent in ballet despite his initial hatred of it, which he did not realize until he attempted to take off his leotard. Bart can also play a great game of putt-putt. Their parents stop them before the marriage after Bart started to think that their relationship was becoming a little shaky, and they agree to meet again at some point. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World is a side-scrolling platform game based on the Simpsons franchise and features many aspects from the television series. Milhouse's teenage cousin, Annika forms a romantic relationship with Bart in "Let's Go Fly a Coot". Nikki gives him CPR and mouth to mouth to resuscitate him, but then tells Bart that she'll never tell him why she was hot then cold. [37] It is also implied that one of the twins has a crush on Bart, but once again, it isn't stated who it was.[38]. Bart Simpson If Bart was born in 1985 and had aged with the show, then in 2019, Bart would be 34 which is 6 years older than Homer is at the start of the show. After the breakup, Greta went out with Milhouse Van Houten, with whom she then broke up with in Canada and stopped dating for four years. En español de España, su voz es doblada por Sara Vivas, mientras que en Hispanoamérica es doblado por Marina Huerta hasta la novena temporada, siendo reemplazada desde la décima … Bart tiene entradas y barbilla, igual que Homer. In "The Crepes of Wrath" while on an exchange trip to France, Bart managed to learn French without even realizing it simply by being in the vicinity of Ugolin and Cesar, two men who regularly spoke French. [46] He still possesses it, using it to steal Principal Skinner's car to get to Jimbo's house. At this age, Bart acts like an especially spoiled version of his ten-year-old self, still calling on his mother to make Lisa play fair when she does things like telling him he can't join the presidency (Lisa is the President of the United States at the time). He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright (who also voices Chuckie Finster and Rufus). Bart will often address Homer by his given name instead of "Dad" (when he was a baby, this was because other adults would refer to him as this), while Homer in turn often refers to him as "the boy". They began to spend more time with each other as Jimbo trusted Bart with her. Desde entonces Bart, al nacer, resultó ser un niño muy inquieto y juguetón, su primera travesura la realizó justo después de nacer, quemándole la corbata a Homer con un mechero. After blazing a path of destruction through the town, Bart uses the tank's cannon to shoot down an MLB satellite, thereby actually proving his suspicions to be correct.[14]. También en un capítulo Seymour Skinner descubre que es alérgico al camarón. Though he has not demonstrated the ability since his exchange trip to France as an exchange student (other than in the \"Butterfinger Group\" Simpsons Butterfinger commercial), he speaks near-perfect French. Although he frequently gets bad grades in school, Bart consistently shows levels of high intelligence with his witty social commentary and clever thinking. Es un muchacho simpático y también muy travieso, que hace muchas bromas con su mejor amigo Milhouse. Bart also seems to acknowledge Lisa as his better when it comes down to solving problems (even though he was instrumental in rescuing snakes on Whacking Day and retrieving his father's Hive grill) and frequently goes to her for advice. The Simpsons characters live under a floating timeline of an ongoing series. Su programa preferido es El Show de Krusty el payaso que emite su serie de dibujos animados preferida Itchy & Scratchy , que no se suele perder nunca sea a la hora que sea que lo emitan. He mooches money off his parents and Ned Flanders, to whom Bart regards as a "softie". Bart sprays graffiti around Springfield using the name "El Barto", and his superhero alter-ego is Bart is free to go, but Gina must return. La cronología del show declara que Bart nació en 1983 y es dos años y 31 días mayor que Lisa su hermana, quien nació en las Olimpiadas de Verano de 1984, por lo que Bart sería nacido en 1982. El año es probablemente no coherente ya que Bart es siempre descrito teniendo 10 años de edad; pero como cualquier personaje de la serie, no cambia de edad. He cooked a three-course meal for his parents and made a dessert. In Treehouse of Horror XIII, he was turned in a "spider" from Dr. Hibbert. He has won an award for his Angry Dad web series[5], he has discovered a new comet which was named after him[6], and he also has performed in a successful band with Milhouse Van Houten, Nelson Muntz, and Ralph Wiggum.[7]. Bart is a polyglot and can speak several languages with varying degrees of fluency. His children have to stay with Bart for Christmas, which they think is going to suck. Bart then made his debut with the rest of the Simpsons clan on April 19, 1987, in the Tracey Ullman short "Good Night". Bart has also extorted Skinner on a number of occasions, such as forcing him to do and say demeaning things via the threat of activating his peanut allergy and by making him either remain still or perform difficult tasks when he (Bart) and his fellow students took over the school. Recently, Bart has demonstrated remarkable adeptness at chemistry. It also turned out that Bart was part of HER list, being the 100th boy she kissed before summer ended.[39]. Bart at the age of 25 in "Lisa's Wedding". y tiró el biberón. "Good Night" Surprisingly, Lisa is much more embarrassed of Bart than of Homer in this episode. En el cómic, los tres súper-Barts de tres realidades distintas son reunidos en una cuarta realidad por un Sideshow Bob bueno para que le ayuden a deshacerse de un Bart malvado que tiraniza a la humanidad. He manages to find other girlfriends, but he still misses Jenda. Aunque solo fue una gota de licor que trago accidentalmente cuando el alcalde rompió una botella de licor  en el bautizo de un barco, al parecer fue suficiente para alterar el desarrollo del no nato.

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